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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by the national carpet mill outlet. sponsored by the ohio superstore. asking questions and getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: from sandals to snow shelves a storm is bearing down on northeast ohio. plunging temperatures and 50 course snow. details on what you need to know so you aren't caught off guard this weekend. >> romona: the system that is bringing this nasty weather is getting ready to blow into northeast ohio. >> denise: jeff tanchak has been tracking the storm all night and de has -- and he has the hour by hour first alert details. >> jeff: don't you just love the first snow of the season? it is here and it gets everyone's attention. it is not here yet.
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we still have about five or six hour left of some real warm air and then the showers will move in by early morning. there is the cold front. it is not advancing very fast. it is just moving through fort wayne, indiana right now. and then we have the huge temperature change on the other side of that boundary. it will be here in time for the weekend. obviously an alert through the weekend here and it will be a winter mix in the morning and then you will see some sleet and snow mixing in as the afternoon wears on. then it will turn to all snow on saturday night and sunday and as that happens, winds could gust up to 50 miles an hour especially along the lakeshore. that in and of itself could cause some problems with power outages and minor wind damage. if you have decorations out, make sure they are tied down. here we go at 1:00 a.m. we are in the 60s and then
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through. rain mixing and sleet, and then by 10:00 a.m. we are dropping to around 40. during the afternoon there is your winter mix. 4:00 p.m., 37 in cleveland. over a 30-degree drop in temperature. more on the forecast details later in the half hour. ramona? >> romona: the roads especially on the eastside could be tough to drive on. so we wanted to know how o-dot was going to deal with the snowfall of the season.da center with how many crews will be out this weekend. >> romona: chalk it up to us asking questions and making sure odot is prepared that we can give you peace of mind. let's start with those areas impacted. we have lake county here and then giaga county south of that. of course we are talking the shardon area which is where this is going to be. in cuyahoga county there will be 40 plows out starting at noon tomorrow.
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in cuyahoga county and focusing on the eastside. there will be 11 in lake county and 11 in giaga county. all total we are talking i can is 2. i asked the pr woman for odot for this section. i said is this a full scale of of -- full scale event for you? are you going all out? she said no. with this being 62 and she said with 12-hour shifts they can basically keep 60 trucks on the road at any given time. she said a full scale event for them when they see it at the highest. their predictions and their forecasts are not for a long-lasting event or a high inch event. they are not going to go full on for this first snowfall. we have to wait and see and make sure. by us asking questions we are sure they are prepared and they are ready to go and it appears they are. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, back to you. >> denise: when the snow flies
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and 60 snow removal workers did a dry run over the runways. the airport has made some changes including new equipment after being fined by the f.a.a. for not being prepared during a storm last winter. and cleveland 19 has you covered for the first snow of the year. our weather team will give you live updates on the first alert app and we'll have the storm chasers looking for where it is snowing the hardest. >> romona: meantime, hundreds protesters have been marching through busy streets. they are showing their unhappiness over the outcome of of the election. did police have to arrest anyone tonight? >> reporter: ramona, no. no one was arrested. police call the protest peaceful. there were hundreds of people who started in public square around 5:00 this evening. they marched for hours
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downtown cleveland. they marched through town and over to play house square and they ended up turning around near cleveland state university and then they headed back to public square where they stayed until about 10:00 or so. then they dispersed tonight. organizers tell me they are happy with the turnout. and although they don't agree with what president-elect donald trump says they say they are happy with this election and how many people got involved. >> the main purpose is to establish a protest in activism culture here. i don't think it is strong enough in cleveland. cleveland's back on the map so we have to stay on the map. anytime trump or his administration does anything diabolical we will be in the streets and our voice will be heard. >> reporter: tonight the organizers say they had about a thousand people out there. they say the number was actually closer to 300 people who were down here for the
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weekend. live in cleveland, shelby miller, cleveland 19 news. >> denise: two people were hit by a car and it happened near pleasant valley. police had to close the road for about two hours tonight. but it is open once again and we talked to police about what caused the accident and we'll report back when we get more answers. >> denise: now let's get back tofa desk. >> romona: there is a four-alarm fire under control and it started in one of the apartments around the area. the firefighters rushed everyone inside the building to safety. you can see flames and smoke pouring out from just about every window there. luckily no one was hurt. several fire departments are battling a massive brushfire
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these are pictures sent to us moments ago. they told us about 10 minutes ago no one has been injured and no homes are in danger due to this fire. and sad news from the music world, a soul singer sharon jones has died after a three-year fight with pancreatic cancer. jones was 60 years old. ramona? >> romona: our cleveland 19 investiv deeper into complaints of the water in berea. last night we received more than 400 pages of complaints. dani carlson has gone over every single page and is getting answers on what she found. >> reporter: here they are. all of the water complaints in the city of berea over the past five years equal more than 400 pages and more than 300 individual complaints.
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that could mean things like broken pipes or leaks, but they don't. i have gone through each and every one of these complaints and i found some patterns. of those more than 300 complaints, 97% of them were due to issues with the water. water that was allegedly discolored and cloudy and yellow and brown or even black. water that smelled like rotten eggs or tasted bad or people reported they had health problems the to the city's water. as far as the number of complaints about that water quality in 2014 the city received 43 complaints. that number seemed to spike in 2015 when there were more than 130 complaints and so far this year the city has reported fewer than that many. the where is interesting too. some streets definitely seem to appear in the complaint list. the top three streets reporting water quality
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wallace and tamarack. now, i've put together a list of all of the streets in berea that had reported water problems to the city, and also how many times the city received complaints from each of the streets. i have the list on cleveland you can check it on the and see where your street ranks. >> this is the subpoena that orders jimmy videotaped deposition in one of several depp anythingses among the truck stop companies. the suit accuses the pilot flying j of tricking for gasoline. haslan said he knew nothing about the scheme. 18 former employees were charged in this case and the company has paid out almost $200 million in settlements.
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say investigators think the person in this photo may have seen what happened. police believe his car broke down and the northridgeville man tried to cross the highway and el is the rta driver who tried to stop and he couldn't. >> good news in the fight against the zika virus. it is no longer a public health emergency. they are down grading the mosquito-boris they warn that the crisis is far from over and zika should be treated as an on going threat like other diseases like malaria. >> you are not to step foot on tucson unified school district property. the school or the district ever again. >> romona: a mom and her 8-year-old son banned from an entire school district over bullying. but the third grader was the
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>> denise: plus black friday is a week away. some of the deals you should avoid when you are out there shopping. jeff? >> jeff: well, downtown cleveland feazel roof cam is 67 degreeses right now this time tomorrow is won't be. it will be 30 degrees colder and our first snow believe it or not is on the way in case you didn't hear that. the first alert details are coming up. >> get breaking news and weather now on the
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>> live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: this is live video from an o-dot camera at the ramp from i-76 to 277. you might be able to make out a semitruck. it has rolled over and police have closed the ramp there. th is the same place where a garbage truck overturned earlier this week. we'll let you know when police open up the highway on our app. >> denise: a woman said she was able to spend $1700 in her credit. it was even though she kept changing her pass word. the hacker kept getting in anyway and placing orders as
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them. cyber security experts say the scammer most likely infected her computer with malware, a virus that allowed them to monitor her every key stroke. >> if a pin number or log-in credentials is entered. the same thing too if they try to change a pass word. >> denise: how do you protect yourself? use the two-step vair phoation phoation -- verification feature. a separate code is texted to your phone and that has t entered to the account. >> romona: a mother in arizona says she and her third grade son have been banned from the school district after speaking out about bullying. the 8-year-old has been the target of several bullies because he is block, -- black, his mom says. and a board member said they would take care of the issue. but the school administrators say they never -- that never happened. and she threatened them. mom denies the claim and just
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>> sitting in the bathtub trying to get the brown off his skin and then asking me why did you make me brown if you knew i would get bullied. >> romona: soon after school security told the son and mom they could never step foot on school grounds or they will be arrested. she will speak out at the next school board meeting at the school's bullying problem. >> denise: unreal. the warning if you let your teenagers use e-cigarettes new study found young people who vape are 70% more likely to get bronchitis than teens who don't use those devices. even more alarming when you stop using them the risk is almost double. researchers say a chemical used for flavoring e-cigarettes is the cause. >> romona: tonight we are getting answers on some of the items you should not buy on black friday. first gift cards of the you
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discounted price on-line. and that's anytime and not just black friday. high-powered laptops. you missed your chance when they had their back to school sales. wait until january. that's when the best deals will pop up. holiday decorations? the best deals for trees and lights are the next day, on saturday. >> denise: i did not know that. a miss mysterious foam that filled the streets in santa clara, check it out. it was almost six some spots. the foam looks like snow and it just came pouring out after something went wrong during a testing of the building's fire distinguisher system. people did have a lot of fun with it though riding their bikes and playing in it. crews say it will eventually melt away. >> denise: here is a good thing coming our way. parts of minnesota saw blizzard-like conditions with heavy blowing snow.
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more than 75 accidents reported on highways in just one part of the state. >> romona: hopefully the system will be short lived. >> jeff: it will be. it is basically a weekend thing. by monday most will be out of here. the snow won't stick around because we do warm up on thanksgiving. let's just get it out of the way. in the weather department we are actually happy about that. everyone goes crazy over the first snow. and the next snow event i guess it won't be as hyped. this is the front. we have some rain showers along it. and that's what will be coming through in the morning. we are at 67 and very warm. you can tell where the front
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air mass change and a front is a boundary between two air masses. we are still warm. 1:00 a.m. and styl 63 in cleveland. the front comes through and we will develop some rain and then we are in the midto upper 40s. we will continue to drop as this colder air comes in. 10:00 in the morning the rain is mixing with sleet and mainly in the eastern counties. by 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon that snow setting up there is your lobing effect. there is strong northwest winds. it is a wind driven snow. winds can gust up to 50 miles an hour at times and through tomorrow night and even on sunday it is going to be very windy. the snow won't be as heavy on sunday and the majority of it east of cleveland.
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even on sunday night it will take awhile for the snow to completely stop. especially in the snow belt east. the higher terrain areas four to eight inches is in the darker shade of purple and will be in the four and five-inch range. there could be localized half foot or more snows. outside of that one to four inches with the least likely amount of accumulation along the lakeshore. most will higher terrain areas. 48 is the morning temperature and the clouds will increase. then we continue to drop tomorrow through the 40s. the winds are gusting up to 40 miles an hour. 47 at 8:00 a.m. and 44 at 2:00 and then down we go. eventually it is all snow. the temperatures are crashing through the 40s in akron-canton. a winter mix for you. tomorrow night it is very windy.
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accumulations are likely. that's especially inland. and sunday is 33. the browns game forecast windchill around 20. very windy and it will play a role in the game. monday windy and mostly cloudy. 38. tuesday 45 and dry. wednesday it is back to rain and wind of right now on thanksgiving scattered showers and windy and a high of 44. a little chilly on thanksgiving. ramona? >> romona: we couldn't have asked for a better afternoon for our share your holidays give away. beth mccloud joined the staff to guy away hundreds of turkeys to anyone who donated a new or gently used coat or nonperishable food item to help those who need it this winter. at one point traffic was backed up to i-77. we want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out to help with this great cause.
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under the lights for week three of the high school football playoffs. mark shaw would be has highlights from the holy war and some of the other games
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now, this is the serpentini she raw lay sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: the cavaliers are lookino against detroit. this was a game between a hammer and a nail. it was all cavaliers. kyrie, three ball there. bang. that put them up 67-41 in the third. then lebron, a deep jumper and good guys up 73-45. they like the deep ones. kyrie, why not? 82-56. fourth quarter and here comes the bench guys. whose tray is it?
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here is lew. >> we played hard and when you play hard you can have some mistakes. we played hard in the first half. tristan did a great job of guarding one on one and guarding the pick and roll and protecting the paint by getting four blocks. tristan was huge for us defensively tonight. i thought we really settled down defensively and took the defensive challenge. >> mark: the high school football playoffs continue. the big one was tonight. this went down to the wire. in the fourth ain't ed's down and kyle kramer and the kid fractured his leg on that run. he set up a game-tieing field goal of the it went to ot. mark bobinsky would battle his way in from eight yards out. wild cats are up 38-31. fourth down and this is it for
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his pass is incomplete. saint ignatius moves on 38-31 the final and they will play in the state semi's next week. hudson and harding going at it. taking the field and picking it up in the first. he is tucking and running. it is a 73-yard touchdown for the quarterback. raider roups 7-0. dash they are on the board and it is cut 7-3. the raiders would respond fourth and goal from the two. this time he hauls in the touchdown going up 14-3. hudson would come roaring back of course after our cameras left. hudson is moving on. to perry -- actually to mentor where perry was the home team. they went with the fake punt
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sticks. they got them down and he got them in. they got it and he would come back with a drive and brandon mounts and they didn't get the two. perry would go on to win it 22-9. kurt land and cuyahoga heights. that is coach. looking to dillon drummond and that's a big ball. that's a big catch and a big play and he would run away. an 89-yard and they go in 14-0 and they win it 17-0 taking region 21. >> denise: wow. >> tiffani: denise was holding her ear the whole time. >> mark: the bulldogs had a great season but come up
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>> denise: tell us about it one more time. >> jeff: we fall in temperature tomorrow and throughout the day. 48 will be the -- before the front comes through or as it is coming through and a winter mix develops and it is windy as all of this happens. night. 31. 33 on sunday and snow and wind. continuous updates on the first alert weather app and throughout the weekend. team coverage. we will be all over it. >> romona: you will be. >> denise: of course you are. >> jeff: it is the first snow. we have to be all over it. >> denise: thank you for joining us and look for weather updates all weekend on our app. >> romona: have a from
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